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$35 / person

Book Axe Throwing Lanes

Axe Throwing is a perfect group activity. Great for Team Building & Friendly Gatherings


Axe Throwing with Friends

1. Book a tournament for 6-24 area lumberjacks (aka: friends, family, co-workers) here. For 24+ people call to book.

Safety First width=

2. During the first 30 minutes, we coach your group to properly (and safely) throw axes like a lumberjack.

3. Preliminaries: Play 2-4 matches against your friends to determine seeding in the tournament.

4. Tournament: Go head-to-head with your friends until one of you emerges as the biggest bad axe of all.

Walk-in Sessions

For groups smaller than 6 people, come in for a walk-in session at $20/hr.  It's all good, we'll work you in with other walk-ins and give you an axe coach!

(First Come, First Serve - starting August 30th and beyond)


Wednesday: 6p - 9p

Thursday: 6p - 9p

Sundays: Noon – 4p

Join an Axe Throwing League!


For $150 you get 8 weeks of axe throwing action with cool folks who want to be your friends

How to Throw an Axe

You got this.


Place your dominant hand around the bottom of the handle of the axe. Place your other hand over the dominant hand. Cross your thumbs.


Hold axe outward in front of you with the blade as straight as possible in relation to the target.  (IMPORTANT: sharp edge points toward the target, not your friends). Right handed throwers should put their left foot forward. Vice-versa for lefties.

The Wind-up

Rock your body forward with the axe extended toward the target.  Rock your body backward and bring the axe straight back over your head.  You look like a badass right now.


Bring the axe forward at a fast pace and release it toward the target with arms extended. Be sure to follow through and allow your hands to reach your sides.

Book an Axe Throwing Tournament

(2.5 hour tournament, Book here for 6-24 people. Call for groups of 24+ people)

Group events require a reservation.

Book Axe Throwing Lanes