Zodiac M.C. Fundraiser for Ryder Birmingham

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed afternoon as ZODIAC M.C. proudly sponsors the talented and determined Ryder Birmingham in his racing journey! 🏁✨

📅 Date & Time: February 25th, starting at 1pm

📍 Location: Millvale LumberjAxes

🏁 Purpose: Join us in supporting Ryder Birmingham as we raise funds to fuel his racing passion. The proceeds will go towards covering essential expenses such as bike parts, gear, race entry fees, fuel, oil, and more!

🌟 Ryder’s Journey: From his early days of walking, Ryder’s love for riding has only grown stronger. Transitioning from a PW 50 to his first Cobra cx50 2023, he races almost every other weekend, dedicating himself to constant practice. Ryder is not just a rider; he’s a dreamer aiming to go pro in the thrilling world of motorcycle racing.

🏍️ Why We Support: ZODIAC M.C. witnessed Ryder’s incredible skills over the summer and couldn’t help but be amazed. Recognizing his talent and dedication, we are thrilled to sponsor Ryder Birmingham on his quest for greatness.

🎉 Event Details:

  • Date: February 25th
  • Time: 1pm to 5pm
  • Location: Millvale LumberjAxes

🎟️ How You Can Help: Be a part of this high-octane fundraiser at Millvale LumberjAxes! Your presence and support will make a significant impact on Ryder’s racing dreams. Don’t just meet us there; beat us there and let’s make this event unforgettable!

🏆 Let’s Rally for Ryder! 🌟🏍️

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